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Testimonials from our AQ users

Have you found an agent with the help of Agent Query? Are you receiving requests for partials and fulls from the agents in our AQ database? Would you like to share your success stories and inspire other writers? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Fill out our nifty Testimonial Form and we'll post your message!

I was bowled over by how helpful Agent Query is and emailed my writers group with the link. AQ can sort agents by the genres they represent, so it's infinitely easier to come up with a "hit list" than flipping page to page in a print guide. For my historical novel, AQ came up with over 100 agents who represent that genre--and most importantly, listed whether they accept e-queries and gave their email addresses. Thanks to this expedited method of querying, I was able to gain representation with Marly Rusoff within 48 hours of first contacting her. I owe AQ a big thanks for making this information so easily accessible and helping me find an agent.
Erika Mailman, Oakland, CA

SOLD: Erika's literary agent has sold her book, THE WITCH'S TRINITY to Crown/Random House. Congrats, Erika! You go girl! is an invaluable tool for any writer who is seeking representation. Without, I believe my search for key information about agents would have taken much longer than it did. But here I am, represented by one of the top agencies out there in under a week of querying. This site made a good amount of information available to me for FREE and I have no reservations about singing its praises. The tips, tricks and genre descriptions they list are fantastic, as well--so many good pointers, all in one place. If you're looking for a literary agent, your first stop should be!
Heather Brewer, St. Louis, MO

SOLD: Heather's literary agent has sold her book, THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD as well as the second book in the series, to Dutton Children's Books of Penguin Group. Congrats, Heather! proved invaluable during my agent search. I spent hours pouring over all of the information, and they couldn't have made it easier. With a variety of search formats, notices of recent deals, as well as links to further information on various agents, the site really became my bible. Not only did it help me whittle down my options, it also helped me determine who wouldn't be a good match: something that's equally important when going through an agent search.

I frequently recommend AQ both to aspiring writers and on my blog. I couldn't be happier with my current representation - she sold my book in record time, garnering multiple offers - and I know that I wouldn't have found her without AQ.
Allison Winn Scotch, New York, NY
Allison's blog at

SOLD: Allison's literary agent has sold her book, THE DEPARTMENT OF LOST AND FOUND and it will be published by William Morrow in 2007. Check out more details on her blog!

A novice writer with a 200,000 words historical novel on the French Revolution, I had no publication credits, no knowledge of publishing, no connections. Then I stumbled upon Agent Query. I found it user-friendly and informative, without the patronizing, depressing tone of so many other resources for unpublished writers.

I heeded the advice on formatting my manuscript and query. True, I disregarded the site's statement that "a 140,000 word debut novel is about as scary as Joan Rivers' face". After all, I was only 60,000 words above that mark. I followed AQ's advice on one point: I omitted the word count in my query.

I pulled a list of the agents who handled historicals. And query I did. I received my fair share of rejections, but requests for partials and fulls also trickled in, and within a month I had two offers of representation, both from agents I had found thanks to AQ.

I chose Stephanie Cabot, of The Gernert Company. She and her assistant helped me edit the manuscript, and she did a great job of selling it. We received offers from three major publishers.
This is better than my most hopeful dreams! My heartfelt thanks to AQ.
Catherine Delors, Los Angeles, CA

SOLD: Catherine's debut novel, MISTRESS OF THE REVOLUTION will be released by Dutton in March 2008, and she's finishing her second book, another historical set in 1800 Paris. It is scheduled for publication in 2009. Check out Catherine's website for all the details! including an example of her query letter and a piece about her successful road to publication. Also, check out Catherine's blog at

There I was, piloting a sinking schooner through a sea of contradicting advice-how to write queries, how to send partials, which agents to send to and when. Out of the mist, appeared, and the seas calmed as they tossed me the lifejacket of literary representation. Perhaps it wasn't quite that dramatic, but it could have been. is a great resource for writers delving into the world of representation. While most book guides are already a year out of date by the time you purchase them, is quick to update with current information. Individual pages on each agent (instead of a generic paragraph on the agency itself) are a huge help in selecting whom to send queries to, especially agent pages with random tidbits of information on the agent's likes, dislikes, book represented, links to sites with interviews, etc. In fact, every single partial or full manuscript request I've received has been from an agent found on AQ, AND I attribute the success of my query letter and synopsis to the tips on AQ. In short, AQ is my agent-finding Coast Guard, and thus is highly recommended to fellow drowning writers. Yesterday I signed with my agent from Levine Greenberg Literary. Not only was she one of my top choices, but I found her through AQ!
Jackson, Athens, GA
Jackson's website at

SOLD: Jackson's debut novel, AS YOU WISH will be released by Harper Collins in Fall 2009. That's fan-freaking-tastic.

In September 2005 I began sending out agent queries by mail. Those SASEs took three to four months to get back to me, and I got one request for a partial.

In January 2006 I discovered AgentQuery through a link on a writing website. What really excited me was the search feature: I could instantly narrow my search to agents who were actively seeking my genre, and most importantly, to those who accepted e-queries. Wonderful! I sent out a batch of queries and within a week I had three requests for partials, one for a full, and a request for an exclusive. What amazed me was the time frame for the responses. About a third never responded, but those who did got back to me within a day or two, sometimes within minutes.

I mailed out the submissions and in March 2006 Susan Schulman, who had requested the full manuscript, called to offer representation. I was ecstatic! I had been hoping she would be the first to call. I signed with her and one year later, in April 2007, she sold my debut novel, the multicultural romance CAFE AU LAIT, to Dorchester Publishing. It will be released in September 2008.

Thank you, AgentQuery. You're a great resource. I've linked you on my blog, and I tell all my writer friends to come here directly when they begin their agent search.
Liane, Spicer, Trinidad, West Indies
Liane's blog at

SOLD: Liane's literary agent has sold her debut novel, CAFE AU LAIT and it will be published by Leisure Books in September, 2008. Check out more details on her blog!

Sara Crowe came highly recommended to me by an author contact of mine. I found her contact info on this site. She answered my e-query in two days requesting my whole novel. I signed with her a week later. Her edits and feedback on my novel were spot-on. I revised quickly and just this week she sold my YA/Adult (crossover) novel to Stacey Barney at G.P. Putnam and Sons (Penguin). I'm thrilled with my offer. Sara has a flawless reputation within the business and is kind, quick and worked tirelessly for me. I couldn't be happier with her and recommend her highly and completely.
Heidi R. Kling, Cailfornia
Heidi's blog at

SOLD: Heidi's literary agent has sold her book, SEA and it will be published by Penguin in 2009. Check out more details on her blog!

AQ was a valuable resource during my agent hunting. I can't say enough good things about this site. It helped me treat this exactly the way I need to--as a business. The convenient search engine provided me with a solid, lengthy list of reputable agents to query, as well as how to approach querying them (what they want/don't want, their special interests, etc).

And one of those agents now represents me!!

Any time I know someone is searching for an agent, this is the first place I send them to. The news is timely, well-maintained, accurate, and highly useful. I also love that I can trust them to not put up scammers, so I have no hesitation recommending others to this site.

Thank you, AQ, for helping me get in with my dream agency!
Rhonda Stapleton

SOLD: Rhonda's literary agent has sold her book STUPID CUPID trilogy to Simon Pulse, with the first novel releasing in December 2009. YAY!!

Over the course of publishing eighteen books in many genres with publishers as large as Doubleday and small as Leapfrog, I've had mixed experiences with agents. My first, in the pre-email era, never returned phone calls or answered letters, and never showed me a single response form a publisher. It felt like a bad love affair: "You never write! You never call! What did I do wrong?" Eventually I broke it off after two frustrating years. The second agent sought me out, but by the time I realized she was sending a mystery to editors who didn't much like mysteries, she decided to leave the business. The third was so slow editors were known to ask, "Is he dead?" The fourth was smart and fun and charming, but didn't move my career forward. The last one, well, let's just say she had a meltdown and I abandoned ship just in time. Along the way I'd published some books on my own, and the accumulation of mixed to bad experiences left me determined to avoid agents and I published half a dozen books without one, sold foreign rights, and didn't have any headaches.

But two years ago I got the idea for a high concept Gilded Age novel unlike anything I'd ever written before. I knew I'd need an agent to get it where it needed to be. When it was done, I followed the old familiar path, asking writer friends for recommendations, and frittered away six months querying a few agents (or less) at a time and waiting, waiting, waiting. I got really close more than once, but close isn't enough.

When I found Agentquery, the search engine blew me away and I could look for agents interested in literary and historical who were open to email queries and new clients. Perfect! I spent hours and hours every week studying the entries and the agents' web sites to make my choices more intelligent. Within three months (half the time I'd already spent), I had eight agents hot for my book. And I do mean hot. One even called on a Sunday night saying "I want this book!" and others told me they had fallen completely in love with it. The decision was tough. They were all smart readers from reputable agencies with good sales, but in the end I chose an agent whose few comments on the book opened it up to me in a whole new way. I've always been an easy edit and happy to revise because I know that no book is perfect and I love "revisiting" a book: entering it with a new perspective. Now when I look at the novel which will be going out soon, I am amazed. It's more intense, more dramatic, more focused. I loved it before, now I'm wild about it. What could be better?

Lev Raphael

Forget 'Writer's Market', found me an agent and eventually, a publisher.

I started my book in 2003 when I was 14, and four years later in March of 2007 I decided I needed an agent. However, because I lived so far from the nearest library and did not have a car, I discovered I wasn't completely sure of what I was doing, but it was worth the try- and what was the worst that could happen? I decided to do a round of email queries first, and if there was no luck, I would start paying for mail submissions.

I used the nifty little search feature on and narrowed down my results to agents who were in my genre of YA fiction. Then, following the tips I had read and the ones on's Formatting section, I devised an email query and started sending it out to agencies.

Then the impossible began to happen. Within two days, I had top literary agencies emailing me back requesting partials and fulls. Of course, as a writer, you're always wary of things that seem too good to be true. I went on querying. Eventually, I had nine agents looking at the book at one time.

Since they all knew I was on multiple submission and was having such success, I started getting feedback very quickly. Then, early one morning, after sending out just a few more, I received a telephone call. It was an agent I had just tried. A mere eight minutes had passed from emailing him my query.

What unfolded over the next few hours was a series of telephone calls, an email of the full, and that very evening, an offer of representation. On top of that, he is one of the biggest New York literary agents in the business. Snail-mail advocates, beware: the new millenium of publishing is upon us. The only thing sent by mail was the contract. I had transformed from unsolicited to solicited in a mere 3 months.

At 18 this was all very surreal: I had never in my life imagined when I started this book that things could have gone so splendidly. And it is quite an odd thing when a writer has to send the 'sorry, not for me' letters back to agents who didn't get the contract with you, after receiving oh-so-many of them yourself.

I am now proud to say that my agent landed a deal for my debut novel, BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE, with a very successful house who is interested in a full series, the first due in late 2009. Things couldn't be going better. And I have to thank for being a part of my success.
Kaleb Nation

Dear AQ,

I just wanted to write and thank you for your ever informative website. I'm sure I couldn't count the number of hours I've spent researching agents on your site over the years - and it has paid off! I am so pleased to announce that over the holiday season, I was offered representation by my wonderful new agent. The email came in on Christmas day!

AQ was invaluable to me during my agent search. I live in Canada which means snail mail queries would have been even more costly from here. To be able to search specifically in my genre for agents who accept email was an absolute must. And that's exactly what you delivered. More importantly, AQ is, to this day, the only site I've found that even lists my new agent. She's at a New York agency which represent over 100 celebrities, musicians, authors and bestselling writers -- and no one else has her listed! Great, great job AQ - I wouldn't have found her without you!

Thanks again,
Andie Knight

I want to thank you for making the tough job of researching agents much, much easier. I work 40 hours a week and without this website, I would not have nearly gotten as many letters out as I have. I used it both to find agents and to look up agents whose names I found in the acknowledgments of novels similar to mine.

Since January, I sent out 67 query letters and got eleven requests for all or part of the manuscript. On Friday May 5th, I got a call from an agent at Harvey Klinger whose name I found strictly by searching, literary fiction. We met on Tuesday, May 9th and he offered me a contract. I left the meeting, turned on my phone and had a message from another agent who I found through your site in the exact same way, by searching literary fiction. He has also offered me a contract but I have decided to go with Harvey Klinger. Thank you!
Kathleen, Brooklyn, NY

Hello AQ Crew -

Let me express my profound thanks to you. I've been using your amazing site in my pursuit of an agent and I am pleased to report I finally got one. Without AQ, I would have floundered pitifully. If this were a basketball game and we were keeping stats, we could say that I've just scored a lay-up and you get an assist.

My 'testimonial' is less impressive than the others (I did not get an agent within 48 hours of a submission!). My journey to an agent was a bit rougher and tougher. It took me 16 months and I wrote to 296 agents. Perverse perseverance, but that's how I am. 15 agents read some or all of my novel and though their reactions were glorious and glowing (!), not one would take me on. Finally, I found an agent enthusiastic about and delighted with my work. Now I can focus on my writing instead of dividing that focus between my writing and the daily agent search. That search was becoming increasingly crushing, but AQ kept me in the game (see above basketball metaphor!). Thanks for the assist!

Bravo to all of you!
Jenny, Tucson, AZ

After finishing my novel, I searched both and another popular online service for a list of agents to whom I would submit query letters. On, the information about what agents wanted was comprehensive, and the contact information was up-to-date. Eventually, I gave up using the other popular online service because of the inaccuracies, and only used

I was offered a publishing contract from "Viable Paradise" graduate, so I knew I'd gotten a winner. He negotiated a few changes to the Archebooks contract on my behalf, and my book is now published and selling. Notably, my agent wasn't even listed on the other popular online service.
K.C. May, author of The Kinshield Legacy
The Kinshield Legacy on

Dear AgentQuery folks,

Thank you for providing such a wonderful gift to the writing community. Searching for an agent can be a soul-crushing experience but your user-friendly database and helpful pointers made the search more bearable. It took about thirty queries but I found the agent for me, and she's already submitted my manuscript. I am so thrilled to retire from the hunt and focus on my writing. is the best thing going and I'll be forever grateful for your assistance!
Tracy, Lakewood, CO

I just wanted to write to express my immense gratitude at the help AQ has given over the past few months. As a freelance writer trying to get an agent for the first time, the questions I had went from one to one-million, (or so it felt), as I trekked through the foreign and sometimes hostile territory that untried writers must travel through in order to reach their ultimate goal - to be represented. Not only did AQ always respond with brilliant and prompt answers to my many questions, but AQ also provided support and imparted wisdom that I took to heart as I was battered and bruised by the many rejections I faced. Now with an agent I am immensely happy with, I know I would not have gotten here had AQ not helped me find my way. Thank you so much for helping me chase my dreams!
Erin, West Hollywood, CA

Agent Query made the entire process of approaching agents so much easier than I had ever thought possible. The advice here is current, practical and EXACTLY what I needed to reformat my manuscript, compose a query, research who to target, and go through the submission process. I started sending out email queries about 3-4 weeks ago and had requests for partials and full manuscripts very quickly. I found the most success from email queries (I think virtually all of my requests for partials and fulls came from my email queries--though I did send out about 6 written queries, all I received back were rejection letters). I'm happy to report that I have been offered representation. Thanks so much to the Agent Query team--you guys are amazing!
Julie, Los Angeles, CA

How important is an agent? For me, knowing that someone is on my side, working for me, believing in me and my work, is unbelievabley validating. I’m not alone in my belief that my work is good. And one day soon, I’ll receive that all important call from her and I’ll know that an editor believes in me, too.

This isn’t my first agent. Here’s my story. After I’d written Lola P.I., I heard through my mother about a literary agent. Seems her best friend’s sister’s husband’s mother was an agent. Phew! Did you get that? I submitted the first chapter of Lola P.I. to her with the hopes of getting some authentic feedback. I got that, and more. She liked the book, requested a few changes, and though she wasn’t taking on new clients, she added me to her list.

I got a lot of great advice, not to mention a huge confidence boost, by having an agent behind me. But after almost a year, and only three submissions and rejections, she retired. A mixed blessing, it turns out. We hadn’t been entirely on the same page with how she saw and where she’d been submitting my work. But the idea of a year wasted and starting from scratch was not a happy one. But, I reasoned, I hadn’t sweated with an agent search yet and success would be that much sweeter once I’d really earned it.

The day my agent and I parted ways, I dove onto the internet and I searched and came up with a list of agents to query that were interested in representing the type of book I’d written. I drafted a query, perfected it, and pressed send ten times that night. When I checked my email the next morning I had three requests! Halleluliah! What exhilaration. These three requests for partials were so gratifying–there was no friend’s sister’s husband’s mother involved and that was just the enthusiastic encouragement I needed.

Long story short, my query sparked interest. While I also got a few rejections off the bat (I don’t really count those since the agents in question never actually saw my manuscript), the rest were requests for partials or fulls. By the end of six weeks, I’d spoken with two agents. They both wanted to represent me, but they wanted to take my book in different directions. I liked them both, and had to make one of the most difficult decisions I’ve encountered.

I would have been thrilled with either agent. The question I had to ask myself was how did I see my work–as more mystery or chick lit mystery? I gave it a lot of thought. Chick lit-Mystery, I finally decided. That’s my voice–that’s my niche. I signed with my agent, made the necessary revisions, and am confident that my career is on the right path. I know my agent will help me get there. I’m in good hands.
Misa Ramirez
Misa's blog at

Thank you, Agent Query! Your website is so well-organized, and I love the detailed search options and Public Service Announcements. I have consulted the site dozens of times, and always found it an invaluable tool.

You were also so helpful when I emailed directly with a question. You offered advice, encouragement, and humor at a time it was sorely needed.

After seventy (count 'em) rejections, I finally found an agent who understands and appreciates my work. I am living proof not to give up hope!
Florence, Catskill Mountains, NY

Through Agent Query, I was able to obtain a wonderful, committed literary agent
for my children's book. This was done with considerable ease, I sent off about 20 emails and that was it.
Lony, South Pasadena, CA

I'm an Internet junkie and prefer using reference tools found on the 'Net'. I found Agent Query just as I began my latest agent search. What I especially like about the site is the ability to search the database via genre, agent name or buzz word. And the database is constantly updated. The final result: 117 queries later, I'm agented and poised to publish. Many thanks.
Jane, Groton, MA

I discovered AgentQuery soon after I finished my first novel. At that point I had queried a number of agents, mostly in the UK, without much success. Living in Europe I had very little knowledge about USA agents. First thing I did was to read the advice on writing a successful query letter. I completely rewrote mine and searched for those agents who are looking for new clients and represent my genre. Next I sent query letters to ten agents. Within two weeks one asked for a partial and another one for the full MSS. Since then I have had more positive responses, although I have not hooked myself an agent yet. Soon I hope. What I like about AgentQuery is that the information is up to date, useful and of course that the service is actually free! Thank you guys!
Lieneke, Nijkerk, the Netherlands

First things first: Your website totally rocks. Now, the back story: I wrote a nonfiction narrative several years ago. I sent out lot of snail mail queries and got lots of rejections. I gave up. Two weeks ago, I inexplicably picked the manuscript up again and started trolling around the internet looking for publishers. I found your site. I did an AQ search for agents seeking quirky (a keyword that was, well, KEY, by the way) nonfiction. I found four pages of agents, several of whom were both actively seeking new clients and accepting e-mail queries. I tweaked my query and sent a handful out via e-mail. Within TWENTY MINUTES, I received e-mail back from an agent at ICM -- that's right: ICM! -- requesting a proposal and partial! Unbelievable. Even if nothing more comes of this (after all, I am, as you say, only one step above the slush pile), I just wanted to let you know that I got further using your service than I ever did using other print and online resources. Your instructional information and tips are amazing and incredibly helpful. I also really enjoy your humor and writing style. Thanks for all your hard work. I'll continue to telling anyone who'll listen about AQ.
Kate, Wayne, PA

Greeting and salutations to all you wonderful (and underpaid) bastards at! You make first time authorship worth living. Who gives a poop whether or not we, the unsolicited millions, get published, you make getting out of bed and getting repeatedly kicked in the teeth by agents and publishers alike enjoyable. I can't tell you how facile you make the querying process. I've done the whole Writers Marketplace thing, the Idiots Guide to Publishing thing and the hobknobbing thing and they all whither in the blinding sheen of your collective efforts. I think Agent Query Rudham has a tremendous ring to it for a first born's name. You know why, you let us know that some progressive agents have indeed joined the 21st Century despite what their paleolithic, paper-chasing, tree-hewing uber-lords would have you believe on their company websites. Bravo, bitches, bravo. And I mean that with all due Chapellean respect. Keep up the pioneering efforts and we'll keep taking it in the nuts. Never has mental anguish and debilitating self-doubt felt so good. Love always,Darren
Darren, Baltimore, Maryland

Agentquery is absolutely the best thing since sliced... well, you get the idea! Without this (FREE!!) resource, I shudder to think about how this would have to be done. No, wait--I do know because I did it before... schlepping around tons of books of out-dated information, buying roll after roll of stamps and sending letters to agents who are no longer working!! Not any more!!! Thanks heavens for Seven-Elev.... no wait, wrong one... I mean thank heavens for!!
Grace, Milwaukee, WI

As I click the submit button to an agent yet again, I want to thank you for the work assembling and maintaining your site. The Genre descriptions were especially useful -- to someone with three unpublished novels of 90,000 words sitting on his hard drive. Now I can better label the file folders they reside in, not to mention the labeling of the rejection letter file(s). Seriously, I picked your website up from a Publisher's Lunch listing for a new agency. Googled the agency name, and you came up. Now you're bookmarked. Everything is succinct and useful, without the preachiness of most "writer's sites".
Richard, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

The great guys at have been wonderfully helpful. Not only have I used their info to compile an extensive list of agents to contact, but they've helped me refine my query letter as well. Using me as a willing guinea pig--to refine their process as they wish to offer this service in the future--we exchanged emails back and forth, changing and refining the letter until we were happy with the result. All the guys there are friendly and funny and I know I can count on them for advice whenever I need it. They're there to cheer me on when I have good news too! Love you guys!
Michele, Sacramento, CA

Hello there at AQ

I just wanted to tell you that I have been surfing the web here and there and back to try to gather piece-meal info about who is representing who, working where, and doing what in the agent world. Tedious labor for those living outside the ivory tower. I eventually came across your website. Your site is not only well designed but is a treasure chest for prospective writers. Two thumbs up. Thanks for making my life so much easier.
Frederic, New York City

Agent Query is about the most useful site on the net for finding out about US agents. As I'm on the other side of the ocean, I don't have access to the standard hardcopy writers guides that most sites recommend. I've found out about recent agent moves and new agencies from AQ which have produced opportunities for me to query, and which have led to full manuscript requests.
Martin, United Kingdom

I survived the Agent From Hell.

Actually, having an agent is a fairly heady thing -- even if the agent never returns your phone calls, doesn't tell the truth, and fails to do the one thing she's supposed to do, which is to sell your book. It was terrifying, though, thinking about cutting the cord that bound and gagged. In a fit of pique (and desperation), I sent an email to the kindly folks at, begging them for some advice (or at least some peace of mind). The personal, insightful email I received from the agentquery staff was beyond what I had expected. Toward the end of a well-thought-out response was the following gem:

"Are you more afraid of terminating your current contract and beginning the query process all over again? The answer to this question really is the answer to your own email."

Yep -- they were right. I was terrified. And yes, I had answered my own question.

I severed the agent ties and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then, with determination and slightly overdone optimism, I began the query-till-you-die process. Through it all, my number one source of agent information has been I have begun every agent search at this web site, and followed up with visits to individual agent sites and checks on agent sales. In short, this site rocks. I trust these guys. They're above-board; they're rock-solid. When they say they've done their homework, they mean it. When an agent moves to a new location, agentquery is the first to offer the updated address. When any tidbit information about an agent has been changed, agentquery lets you know about it up front.

I can enthusiastically say that my woe-is-me writer's journey would not have taken its current course without the wonderful people here at I'll go so far as to say that if I cannot find a particular agent's name on this web site, I don't go any further. It's on to the next name.If there's any such thing as a "safe place" admist the chaos of Desperately Seeking Agent, then agentquery is such a place. I love it here, and I will not hesitate to recommend this site to any and every aspiring author who crosses my path.
Jill, Franklin, TN
Jill's blog at