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Elisabeth Weed

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Commercial Fiction | Women's Fiction

Religion | Science | Self-Help | Memoirs | Spirituality | Women's Issues | Pop Culture | Narrative | Journalism

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    • Weed Literary is looking for upmarket women's fiction as well as eclectic mix of nonfiction, with an emphasis on narrative, investigative, women's issues and memoir.
    • genre fiction, cookbooks, relationship books or picture books
    • Email: query only via info@weedliterary.com

    • Actively building her client list
    • Graduate of Kenyon College

    Fiction | Women's Fiction | Thrillers/Suspense
    Co-founder of www.writerunboxed.com Therese Walsh's UNBOUNDED, about an accomplished professor of languages whose grief over the loss of her twin has isolated her from her friends and family; when she impulsively purchases a keris -- a Javanese weapon imbued with legendary powers -- she embarks on a journey from New York to Rome, following the mysterious provenance of the dagger, which will ultimately lead her to the truth about her sister's tragic past. (Shaye Areheart Books, 2009 and 2010)

    Fiction | Women's Fiction
    From the best-selling author of Best Friends and the Office of Desire, Martha Moody's next novel, the story of how an independent woman, romantically entwined with a married man comes to newly appreciate the value of family and friendship, humility and vulnerability after losing him (Riverhead, 2009)

    Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Women's Fiction
    Lynne Griffin's debut novel LIFE WITHOUT SUMMER, in which a mother who has just lost her four year old daughter in a hit and run and the grief counselor who helps her try to put her life back together discover that their lives intersect more powerfully than they ever imagined. (St. Martin's Press 2009)

    Fiction | Women's Fiction
    Fiction: General/Other Allison Winn Scotch's TIME OF MY LIFE, pitched as Sliding Doors meets The Family Man in which a 35-year old with a seemingly pitch-perfect life is haunted by her "what ifs," and wakes up one morning to discover herself seven years in the past and granted with the chance to meet the mother who abandoned her, pursue the career she left behind, chase down the man she could have married, and answer all of her lingering doubts. (Shaye Areheart Books, 2008)

    Non-Fiction | Self-Help | Women's Issues | Psychology
    Workshop leader and public speaker Dr. Valerie Young's HOW TO FEEL AS BRIGHT AND CAPABLE AS EVERYONE THINKS YOU ARE, on overcoming the 'impostor syndrome,' a belief system that cripples many high-achieving women as they erroneously discount their successes as 'flukes' rather than being confident in their competence. (Crown, 2009)

    Moon's Crossing: A Novel
    Author:   Barbara Croft
    Genres:   Historical Fiction
    Publisher:   Mariner Books; (August 12, 2003)
    Set at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, this novel explores a unique time in American history, when the romantic heritage of the nineteenth century merged with the industrial temperament of the modern age
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    We Need to Talk. But First, Do You Like My Shoes?: Dress Codes for Dumping Your Man
    Author:   Kristina Grish
    Genres:   Dating/Relationships
    Publisher:   Thomas Dunne Books; 1st edition (February 17, 2004)
    A witty look at the necessary evil that is extracting oneself from a failed relationship
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    Author:   Maggie Dubris
    Genres:   Literary Fiction | Historical Fiction | Offbeat/Quirky
    Publisher:   Soft Skull Press; (May 1, 2004) paperback
    What would a paramedic do if she met a great poet, dirty and covered with lice, and was granted the chance to save him--not from dying but from his own life?
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    The Devil, the Lovers, and Me: My Life in Tarot
    Author:   Kimberlee Auerbach
    Genres:   Memoirs
    Publisher:   Dutton Adult (July 19, 2007)

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    The Department of Lost & Found: A Novel
    Author:   Allison Winn Scotch
    Genres:   Literary Fiction
    Publisher:   William Morrow (May 1, 2007)
    A journey of an ambitious 30-year-old woman who faces an unexpected and harrowing challenge that forces her to reevaluate her life, rediscover what truly matters, and ultimately, reinvent everything about herself
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    Addickted: 12 Steps to Kicking Your Bad Boy Habit
    Author:   Kristina Grish
    Genres:   Dating/Relationships
    Publisher:   Polka Dot Press (September 2006)
    Grish passionately deconstructs the allure of bad boys, and helps you evolve from ‘hurts so good’ to ‘genuinely happy
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    New Girl On the Job: How Not to Cry at Work and Other Advice from the Trenches and Beyond
    Author:   Hannah Seligson
    Genres:   Business | Women's Issues
    Publisher:   Citadel (May 29, 2007)
    A young woman's guide to surviving (and conquering) her first job
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    Singular Existence
    Author:   Leslie Talbot
    Genres:   Memoirs | Women's Issues | Humor
    Publisher:   Citadel (December 26, 2006)
    One part memoir, one part self-help, with a dash of shrewd social commentary and a liberal dose of snark, Singular Existence is the surefire cure all for your single girl blues
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    The Department of Lost & Found: A Novel
    Author:   Allison Winn Scotch
    Genres:   Commercial Fiction | Women's Fiction
    Publisher:   William Morrow (May 8, 2007)
    Natalie Miller is the senior aide to a senator from New York, and nothing stands in her way--not even friends and lovers. Nothing, that is, until she is diagnosed with stage III breast cancer, and her live-in boyfriend leaves, her chemo treatments nearly kill her, her job is in jeopardy, and for the first time in her life, Natalie has time on her hands, and she must reexamine her life with the hope of changing things for the better
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    Time of My Life: A Novel
    Author:   Allison Winn Scotch
    Genres:   Women's Fiction
    Publisher:   Shaye Areheart Books; 1 edition (October 7, 2008)
    In her latest novel, Scotch tackles an oft-asked question—what if I had held on to the one that got away?—with an engaging, fast-moving, high-concept drama. Endearing Jillian Westfield seems to have it all: a loving lawyer husband, a healthy infant daughter, and a lovely home in Westchester County, N.Y. But cleaning spit-up and dealing with her husband's long office hours have begun to wear on Jill, and it hardly helps that she's just learned that her post-college boyfriend, Jackson, is getting married. The day after a deep, chi-clearing massage, Jill wakes up and finds herself seven years in the past, giving her the chance to revisit her life with Jack in Manhattan, when she worked as an advertising executive. Hindsight, of course, is anything but 20/20, and Jill's new choices hold unforeseen consequences for herself and those she loves.
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