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  • This agent accepts queries

    • He's always on the lookout for distinct fiction and great, lively non-fiction
    • He represents adult and children's books (and for children's books, he focuses mainly on middle grade and YA).
    • He's a huge fan of graphic novels and memoirs.
    • He also especially loves historical fiction of all kinds
    • As the oldest child of six who has changed many, many diapers in his life, he is equally intrigued by any book with unique views on parenting and family life.
    • If you think your pages can make him hold my breath or miss his subway stop or even laugh out loud, please read his submission guidelines -- he'd love to hear from you.
    • Does not represent picture books, cookbooks, romance and serious how-to titles
    • http://www.publishersmarketplace.com/members/DanielLazar/ (follow his submission guidelines on PM page -- not agency website)
    • Please only query one agent within this agency
    • Email: query with first 3-5 pages of the manuscript pasted into the body of the email (no attachments)
    • Snail Mail: query with first 3-5 pages of manuscript & SASE


    Fiction | Women's Fiction | Multi-Cultural
    Morgana Gallaway's THE NIGHTINGALE, about a young Iraqi woman living in present day Mosul, Iraq, caught between her loyalties to her politically volatile family and her work for a local American base, especially as she grows closer to one soldier in particular while her father is trying to marry her off, to Danielle Chiotti at Kensington, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (NA).

    Non-Fiction | Memoirs
    Angela Balcita's MOONFACE, based on the author's recent Modern Love column, about finding herself in a body not truly her own, marrying the man who gave her his kidney, and learning how the intersection of science, faith and humor impacts how we deal with life challenges, to Rakesh Satyal at Harper Perrenial, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (world English).

    Non-Fiction | Pop Culture
    Sarah Wendell and Lay-Ping "Candy" Tan's SMART BITCHES WHO LOVE TRASHY BOOKS, based on the popular blog, a funny, somewhat bitchy and adoring look at the world of romance novels, from the authors to the covers to the conferences to the audience, to Sulay Hernandez at Touchstone Fireside for Fireside, in a nice deal, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (NA).

    Fiction | Middle Grade
    Ingrid Law's debut novel SAVVY, about a family that has harbored for generations a magical secret: their thirteenth birthdays bring the emergence of a supernatural power -- their "savvy" (one can make it rain for days; another can create furious gusts of winds) -- and the adventures of a twelve-year-old member on the eve of her birthday as a tragic accident befalls the family, to Lauri Hornik at Dial, with Alisha Niehaus editing, and Micheal Flaherty at Walden Media for their joint venture, in a pre-empt, for two books, for publication beginning in May 2008, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (NA).

    Fiction | Young Adult
    Dream Jordan's debut HOT GIRL, how a 14-year-old girl rising from the cracks of Brooklyn through the foster-care system develops a conflicted friendship with a new girl who "dresses all fresh, but acts a hot mess," to Kia Du Pree at St. Martin's Children's, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House.

    Fiction | Fantasy | Young Adult
    Mark Alpert's untitled book, in which an artificial intelligence program goes rogue and threatens the world, and a young man crippled by multiple sclerosis is given the chance to upload his consciousness into the body of a super-powered robot—and finally play the hero for real, to Annette Pollert at Sourcebooks Fire, for publication in June 2015, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House.

    Fiction | Middle Grade
    Kevin Sands' debut BLACKTHORN, set in 1663 London, about a 14-year-old apprenticed to a master apothecary learning the delicate secrets of transforming simple ingredients into powerful medicines and weapons, who along with his best friend must uncover the truth behind a mysterious cult preying on the most learned men of London, following a trail of puzzles, codes, pranks, explosions and dangers galore towards an unearthly secret with the power to tear the world apart, to Liesa Abrams at Aladdin, with Martha Sharpe at Simon & Schuster Canada, in a major deal, in a two-book deal, at auction, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (NA).

    Fiction | Historical Fiction
    Sally Christie's THE SISTERS OF VERSAILLES, set in the 18th Century court of France's Louis XV and told through the eyes of four (out of five) real-life sisters who all become his mistresses, subsequently and even simultaneously, in a scandalous decade that forever changed the reputation of the French monarchy, followed by THE RIVALS OF VERSAILLES and THE ENEMIES OF VERSAILLES, which explore the later years of Louis XV's reign at Versailles through his other mistresses, to Sarah Branham at Atria and Alison Clarke at Simon & Schuster Canada, in a three-book deal, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (NA).


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