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    • poetry, short stories, essays, romance, science fiction, adult fantasy, YA paranormal,

    • I opened my literary agency in January, 2008. Prior to that, I was the owner of the legendary Cody's Books in Berkeley, California for 30 years. The agency represents books in a wide range of subjects including: narrative non-fiction, science, journalism, history, religion, children's books, young adult fiction, literary fiction, and cooking.
    • I am eager to represent projects in most genres as long as the subject or its treatment is smart, original, and will appeal to a wide readership. In narrative non-fiction I look for writing with a strong voice and robust narrative arc. I like history, science, journalism , and books that tell a big story about culture and society by authors with the authority to write about their subject. I am also seeking projects in all areas by scholars who are at the top of their field and who are committed to writing in style and content for a general audience.
    • For literary, commercial, and children's fiction, I have only one requirement -- a simple one -- that the writing reveal the terrain of that vast and unexplored country, the human heart.
    • I am a member of the Association of Author Representatives (AAR).

    Science | Narrative
    Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's APEX PREDITOR: ORCAS HUMANS AND THE ORIGINS OF GOOD AND EVIL, a summation of the author's 30 years of thought on animal emotions in order to explain the origins of evil in human history. (Bloomsbury Books)

    Non-Fiction | Nature/Ecology | Photography
    Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and photographer Art Wolfe's OF DOGS AND MEN: A 15,000 YEAR ROMANCE, an illustrated celebration of the ancient and universal bond between dogs and humans. (Bloomsbury Books)

    Non-Fiction | Politics | Narrative
    Investigative journalists of the New Jersey Star LedgerJosh Margolin and Ted Sherman's THE JERSEY STING, the true story of the largest corruption scandal in New Jersey with a cornucopia of scoundrels and crooked capers including: handcuffed orthodox Rabbis, legions of corrupt politicians, brokering of human kidneys, money in paperbags, and million dollar kited checks. The authors are recipients of The Pulitzer Prize. (Saint Martin's Press)

    Non-Fiction | Politics | Memoirs | Travel
    Investigative journalist, war correspondent, and filmmaker Mary Jo McConahay's MAYA ROADS, a narrative of the author's travels among the Mayan people in Central America; including themes about Mayan culture, history, archeology, mythology, and politics. (Chicago Review Press)

    Non-Fiction | History
    THE AMERICAN DOOMSDAY MACHINE, Daniel Ellsberg . Before the Pentagon Papers, before Watergate, before his involvement as an advisor in Viet Nam, Daniel Ellsberg worked in the U. S. national security system at the highest levels on command and control of nuclear weapons, plans for general nuclear war, and preventing nuclear Armageddon between the superpowers. THE AMERICAN DOOMSDAY MACHINE is a memoir of that time. It will tell the shocking story of the secret plan developed by the U.S. government and approved by the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff that would launch a nuclear strike against Russia and China under a range of circumstances and that the government knew would kill 600,000,000 people. This is a never before told story of enormous historical importance that will significantly alter our understanding of the Cold War. Contracted to be published by Bloomsbury Press

    Non-Fiction | Science
    David Sedlack.DRINKING WATER: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF OUR ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT. This book examines the most common and essential, but frequently taken for granted, element in our lives. It looks at its history beginning with ancient Rome, its chemistry, the story of how it is treated and delivered to our homes, and the challenges and changes that will be required to accommodate a growing world population. The author is Professor of Engineering at University of California, Berkeley specializing in environmental chemistry and water quality engineering. Contracted to be published by Yale University Press

    Dead Love
    Author:   Linda Watanabe McFerrin
    Genres:   Literary Fiction | Horror | Young Adult
    Publisher:   Stone Bridge Press
    A novel about zombies in Japan including international chases, Yakuza, classical ballet, Haitian witch doctors. Even zombie sex (yechh!).Linda Watanabe McFerrin is an award winning novelist and journalist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving: How Dogs Have Captured Our Hearts For Thousands of Years
    Author:   Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
    Genres:   Pets | Journalism
    Publisher:   HarperCollins
    The author, a world famous expert in the emotions of animals and author of over 24 books, explores the 40,000 year co-evolution of humans and dogs and how the two species have forged their intense bond

    Altruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras: Understanding the World's Most Intriguing Animals
    Author:   Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
    Publisher:   Skyhorse Press

    Making the Grades:My Misadventure in the Standardized Testing Industry
    Author:   Todd Farley
    Genres:   Memoirs
    Publisher:   PoliPoint Press
    The author worked in educational testing for 15 years. This book is both disturbing and hilarious.

    God and His Demons
    Author:   Michael Parenti
    Genres:   Religion | Politics
    Publisher:   Prometheus Books
    Michael Parenti is one of the most respected progressive scholars and commentators of culture and society in the world. Author of over 20 books. This book brings the author's critical acumen to bear on the dark side of religion.

    Surviving Paradise: One Year on a Disappearing Island
    Author:   Peter Rudiak-Gould
    Genres:   Memoirs | Travel | Adventure/True Story
    Publisher:   Union Square Books
    Nominated for the prestigious Saroyan Award in 2010. The memoir of the author's year living and teaching a remote atoll in the Marshall Islands, 70 miles from the nearest, telephone, car, and store. Poignant and riotously funny.

    Who's to Say What's Obscene: Politics, Culture, and Comedy in America Today
    Author:   Paul Krassner
    Genres:   Politics | Current Affairs | Humor
    Publisher:   City Lights
    The author is an iconic journalist, comedian, and founder of THE REALIST magazine. Also co-founder of the Yippies and a member of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters. Krassner brings his signature irreverence and wit in these essays on politics, culture and comedy.

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